GBC College – Wonderful, Fantastic, Efficient

HH Dayananda Swami & HG Revati Raman Prabhu (GBC College Alumnis) share their experience of the GBC College: HH Dayananda Swami (UK): The course was very advantageous and helped me to get a basic understanding of the skills required in order to be an effective leader. It was intense without being a burden. The lecturers […]

GBC College – Graduation Ceremony – February 2017

At the recent GBC Meetings in Sridham Mayapur, the GBC College was pleased to present 32 graduates from the GBC College to the assembly of GBC members. As HG Rupanuga Prabhu (President of the GBC College) called out the names of the graduates, HH Romapada Swami handed them their graduation certificates, HH Bhakti Charu Swami […]

GBC College for Leadership Development, Day 2

By Kaunteya Das GBC College, Day Two: Up Close and Personal with Giriraj Maharaja and Bhakti Charu Maharaja Just to clarify: The GBC College for Leadership Development isn’t specifically or exclusively designed to groom future GBCs. The intention of the GBC is to assist in creating better leaders; devotees who can deeply imbibe Srila Prabhupada’s […]

GBC College for Leadership Development, Day 1

By Sri Radha Govinda Dasi GBC College, Day One The GBC College for Leadership Development started its first day of its first year of operations today, 8 March 2015, at the Govardhana Ecovillag on the outskirts of Mumbai. The College has been formally established by GBC resolution last month, February 2015, with the following words: […]

GBC College: Second Residential Completed

Govardhana Ecovillage, Mumbai, Sept 28 – Oct 9 – The first group of participants to GBC College for Leadership Development completed the second residential session, thirteen days of training and association. The GBC has been reviewing the zonal configuration of the world and has identified and ratified more than 150 zones (and more are coming, […]

GBC College – First Residential Session Completed

By Sri Radha Govinda Dasi “It’s been a life-changing experience to attend these GBC College sessions,” said Gauranga Simha Prabhu, Co-director for ISKCON Mayapur. “This training has motivated me in such a way that I want to rededicate myself to serving the movement of Srila Prabhupada with more seriousness and vigor.” After the initial three […]

First 2016 GBC College Residential Session Completed

From Beijing to Belgium, from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires, from Canada to Karnataka, from Nairobi to Naperville, from Istanbul to England, From Delhi to Gaborone, to Slovenia, to Switzerland, to Ecuador, to Romania, Poland, etc., four dozen leaders assembled in the Govardhan Ecovillage outside of Mumbai, learning for thirteen days at the GBC College for […]