GBC College

There are various leaders (Regional Secretaries, National Secretaries, etc.) already involved in overseeing different parts of the world and their service should continue with full dedication and enthusiasm. Although these devotees are generally doing a great service, to ensure a uniform high level of service there is a need to standardize training, service descriptions, standards of performance, etc. In order to ensure this, the GBC has instituted the “GBC College for Leadership Development”- GBC’s official leadership school where potential candidates will be trained for positions of top leadership in ISKCON.

Therefore the GBC has resolved that the service of “Zonal Supervisor” will be offered only to those who successfully complete the required training at the GBC leadership college.
You have been nominated as a possible candidate for the training and, if and when you graduate, as a potential candidate for the service of Zonal Supervisor. Therefore with this letter we are requesting you to consider if you are interested in this service and in the required training.